Genealogical and Personal Information

Kent has done about 10-12,000 (5-6 years of 40-hour weeks) hours of genealogical research on his family history.

Crutcher Family Genealogical Summary

Both of Kent 's parents are of American pioneer stock with European roots to Scotland , England , Wales , Germany and the Viking nations. The American ancestry is all Southern with many ancestors fighting in the War Between the States. He is a 7th generation Texan with 4 grandfathers who were early Texas Rangers, one killed in the American Mexican War of 1845-48. These men were Comanche and Mexican fighters supreme. One grandfather's brother, Thomas Jefferson Chambers, was the 1st Supreme Justice of Texas in 1835, while under the Mexico dictatorship (the Texans never trusted him thereafter, however, he gifted 2 Civil War cannons, that today, are on the front entryway of the State Capitol in Austin); another was mayor of East Dallas 1876-1890. Most of the ancestors were farmers, but a few were politicians, teachers, preachers, and tradesmen. There were some culls in the family tree, but on the whole, they were above average in achievement and land holdings. One pioneering grandfather, John Wildcat McKinney, signed the 1st Kentucky Constitution (a regional Daniel Boone equivalent) and several grandfathers were well known in their geographic area for a special deed or another. Kent 's ancestors fought in the Indian Wars, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and WWII. The early ones go back to the founding of early Kentucky , Virginia , and North Carolina . A few founded early Jamestown . The latecomers to America were the Ulster Scots, arriving in America in the early 1700's. On his father's side of the family, Kent ties into the Campbell Clan, who married into the old kings of Scotland , starting with Robert III. These kings tie into the Irish kings, who tie into the kings of Judah of the Bible, who eventually lead back to Adam. On his mother's side of the equation, the trail eventually leads back to the Harris and Berkley families of early America , who in-turn tie into the kings of England starting with Edward III. This paper trail connects back to the 1st Saxon kings of England , about 500AD, which along the way, includes Alfred the Great, perhaps the greatest king of English history. Kent has been a member of The Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of the Confederacy and The Sons of the Republic of Texas . The family history is very rich and diverse in achievement.


Kent (b: 1953)  has always enjoyed participating in sports. He has been a jogger since 1985 and years ago, practiced Tae Kwon Do daily with his two youngest children for eight years.  Past achievements are:

 - High School Football:  All District, All South Plains, and All-State running back and linebacker in 1968-1970 Texas football.  Go here, see 1970, 2A . Top scorer, all schools in western half of Texas, 1A-5A, 1970.   Last game of the season, senior year, 3rd quarter, my religion, my football career, ends in a split second. 

  - High School Track Regional Contestant, 1969, 1970, 1971.  Times were 50.9 400 meters, 22.7 200 meters, 4.6 40 in football gear: 6'1", 200 pounds.  Missed 220 yard (200 meters) State by a stride :).

 - BBA in finance, 1975, Dean's List, last year

 - MBA in economics, 1978 (cum laude), graduating 3rd in a class of 50.

 - BBA in accounting 1984 (summa cum laude)

 - Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 1985

 - Authored the book The Underlying Reasons for Social Turmoil within America-1989

 - Authored the book  Adam's Descendant's-1996, click here  This 100 page primer discusses who Adam was in his time, from secular combined with Biblical records, who his descendants were over time, and who they are today.  Obviously, Adam was not the first man on earth.

 - Baptized as a Christian, 1996.  Starting years before and then after this event, I read the Bible, cover to cover 3 times, and listened to a shortwave preacher 5 nights a week for 20 years.  I went from an atheist to a zealot Christian, because of the instrument of one man, Pastor Peter Peters.  Amazing.

 - Authored the book Intelligence-2001, click here  Genetically the races have different IQ's.  This factor significantly affects the civilization they live in - 100 page primer.

 - Tae Kwon Do, Black Belt (Cho Dan), (age 54), 2007.  Trained for an hour daily, 6 days a week, for 8 years, with my two youngest children.  For an August 2006 fun sparring video click:

My children, go here:

Most of my life was in DFW as a financial analyst and a practicing CPA.  I currently farm (5th year), mostly cotton production, own 900 acres, 4 pivots, southwest of Lubbock, Texas.  I am experimenting with a God-made bacteria that extracts nitrogen and phosphates from the air, and also helps break down existing minerals in the soil, the plant cannot currently use (mineral is too hard, not water soluable).  I think, in time, this varities of bacteria will most likely change fertilizer practices, across the world.  I am also trying bio's too, when possible, for harmful insects, bio's are in the seminal stage of use and development.  We will see.  From the seat of age 64, it has been an interesting life, difficult, challenging, but a lifetime of research to questions concerning the world, and the people in it, made it interesting. The Adam book is seminal. My children were the most important part of my life, all 3 very special, very intelligent children.