Elizabeth Crutcher Weakley McNamara

Carrie Frances Peak Weakley

Kent Crutcher

Loia Hait Crutcher

The Descendants of Thomas Crutcher is the definitive work on the Crutcher family in America. The book was written by Elizabeth McNamara and her mother, Carrie Peak Weakley, after 40 years of research and it was released in 1985. The book was updated and re-released by the work of Kent & Loia Crutcher beginning in 2001. Mrs. Weakley died in 1977, Mrs. McNamara died in August 1999. The Crutcher Family Limited Partnership owns the copy-right rights to this work.

The book is about 450 pages with 17 pages of names in the index (triple columns). It is hard bound, stitched and very durable. The work is a definite requirement for those in the family interested in their genealogical history. The price is $50 postpaid.

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